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Fri, May 1 2020 6:00 PM Sun, May 3 2020 5:00 PM

Soulwise Sojourn- EMERGE- a Beltane Women's Weekend

Beltane is a spring time festival of optimism. A time to celebrate the season of fertility and to connect with the waxing power of the sun. Perhaps you are feeling the pull to come forth, to surface, to grow and come into view. To emerge is to become apparent, important, to become known. This weekend retreat is for you to be seen and heard. To share what is arising and bursting in you. Perfect for those in transition or in a healing process. Come to celebrate yourself! Together we dance, we journey, we create... Open to all who identify as a woman 18 years and over. All physical abilities welcome.

$275- Fees include indoor or outdoor camping space and full use of the facilities, including pools and sauna. Participants may camp, indoors in the Green Room or outdoors in the campground. Bedding is NOT provided for Camping, bring sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and pads.

Check-in is Friday May 1st between 5-6pm. We start promply at 6pm.  Retreat ends Sunday May 3rd at 5pm.

During the workshop, the Lodge’s 5 dorm beds and 5 private rooms and the Globe Hotel’s 10 private rooms may be reserved at a discounted rate. You may make your purchase of the lodge rooms on the ticket page. Globe Hotel rooms must be made directly through Sierra Hot Springs. 

Dorm Bed $55.00 per night- 5 available

Private rooms:

Single occupancy  $88.00 per night- 2 available

Double occupancy $121.00 per night- 3 available

Lodging facilities have European-style shared bathrooms. The Lodge has two bathrooms, each with a shower, sink, and toilet on the second floor just steps from the rooms. There is an additional bathroom with sink and toilet on the First Floor. Each bathroom may be locked for privacy during use. 

Participants are allowed full use of the facilities. Mineral Pools are open 24 hours/day, as is the Communal Kitchen.

Massage, Watsu, and other Health Service treatments are also available at a discounted rate - $10 off the regular rate. Reservations are required in advance for all Health Services Treatments.Contact Sierra Hot Springs Information and Reservations at 530-994-3773..The best time to call for reservations is 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Please be advised that quiet hours are from 10pm to 10am. During this time we request that you keep voices and noises below conversational level in the vicinity of the Lodge, including the workshop space and the front porch.

Soulwise Sojourn with Polly Triplat: Polly brings over 20 years of experience in Somatic Healing work and Earth Based spirituality into her dance and movement facilitation. With a background as a Feldenkrais movement practitioner and NIA whitebelt instructor, Polly developed her style of Soulwise Movement Meditation from her love of exploring Human Nature and her passion for movement and dance. She is inspired by the movement ministry of SoulMotion and the wisdom of 5Rhythms.  She has begun training as an Open Floor teacher and continues to deepen her movement practice . Her mix of music and inspiration will connect you with the wisdom of your soul. Polly has a private practice Bodywise Massage where she offers Healing Therapeutic Massage and Visionary Craniosacral work in Truckee. For more information visit

Open Floor Movement Practice is a lively, full-on dance inquiry:
How can we move and include it all – feelings, other people, thoughts, wild passions, limitations? Can we use movement to soften the tight spots in our tender hearts and stretch our capacity for relationship? What happens if we turn old repetitive thoughts into choreography for creative dances? We start small, end quiet. We respond to obstacles and mind the gaps. Ask, how am I now? What’s possible? Find direction. Add fire. Push the limit. Embrace paradox.
There's an essential movement language we all speak when we take these questions to the dance floor. We call on universal elements that are inherent in any moving body, such as breath, gravity, centering, expansion and contraction. This is the common ground that all embodiment practices share.

Experience an embodiment practice where movement heals. On the Open Floor we move and include the juicy moments of joyful release, as well as the challenging ones..this is how we learn to be true, fluid and whole.
No dance experience is necessary. 
Only a desire to move and be moved is required. 

SoulCollage® is a therapeutic and engaging creative process. Each collage card you create represents one aspect of your personality or soul. 
*Use your cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery. 
*Joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols, and spirit.
*We learn how to do "readings" which use our own intuition to deepen self-knowledge. 
*Creating SoulCollage® cards is a safe and creative way to empower your authentic self for healing and well-being. 

Shamanic Journey work is a way to travel to the sacred realms of our consciousness.Using the drum beat as our guide, we dive into our inner worlds and connect to the power we have within to see and understand the magic and intelligence of the universe. This is a practice to become aware of our ability to percieve in an expanded way. 


No pets!! No drugs or Alchohol allowed.